11 Things about Living in Dublin

Living in Dublin

1. The Fumbally is a cafe with goodies and lots of light much needed in this city so rainy.

2. Caminar – Everywhere, As you may know, Dublin is a pretty small town.

I felt free without having to rely on some means of transport and if my feet were not enough, you could use my favorite thing.

3. The Bike – I was a novice rider but I became an expert. Well not really. I fell many times. What do you do when it rains? Cycling still continues.

4. The Art – This city is full on the street, small galleries and some museums are good.

It is the city where Art fetch was born, the art gallery online and I was lucky to start working there.

5. Dublin is a city open to creativity and I loved it.

6. It was not beer before moving to Ireland. But how can you resist this? Which brings me to these artistic colleagues with whom I shared home. To them also do beer!

7. Live Music – You are surrounded by music all day on the street, in markets, pubs or parks.

8. Nights Karaoke In The George – Saturday, these graceful girls have a karaoke contest. The winner takes free drinks. I won once and lost one time also.

9. A bus in the yard of the place is a pizzeria and the pizzas are so good that you die you!

10. Market – Dublin city is not the best weather.

Still, everyone likes to be outside.

So, there is always something organized, including markets around.

11. People – I lived in several cities but none with such a sense of community. I always found a helping hand and a smile to cheer me on.

People are what makes Dublin is a happy place to live. Dublin, a happy city. I hope you liked this small tribute to Dublin. I’m starting a new chapter in my life. I moved to Los Angeles to study. It is the first time I travel to America!


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