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Welcome everybody in the beautiful city of Dublin. Hey we’re at the Guinness Storehouse guess what I’m going to do well, of course, our favorite, being Canadian is visiting the Guinness Storehouse, this is something you have to do while you’re in Dublin, not only do you get to see how it’s all made more importantly get to sample it.

  1. A nice easy way to tour the city is the lazy bike tour.
  2. This is an electric bike tour that takes you to all the highlights of the town.
  3. I’m pretty lazy, so I like that one for an insider’s guide to Dublin deck. The Le Cool Dublin tour.
  4. This cultural experience takes you creative businesses run in innovative spaces in the downtown heart of Dublin.
  5. One of the coolest areas and definitely my favorite is the Temple Bar, you can head there have some traditional Irish pubs and grab some great food.
  6. A Saturday morning wouldn’t be complete in Dublin without a visit to the Temple Bar food market.
  7. I would say the most iconic landmark in Dublin is definitely the halfpenny bridge, this was the first bridge to join the two sides of Dublin over the Liffey River.
  8. If you like Gaelic Sports, you have to go to Croke Park, it is the third largest stadium in all of Europe and you can take a stadium tour on the top at the Etihad skywalk to see it from a bird’s eye view.
  9. And don’t forget to check out the hurling museum in there and try your hand at hitting that slitter like I did.
  10. For a history lesson from Dublin’s Darker Days, Visit the Kilmainham Gaol. The Prison Tour Begins. It would be awful to be incarcerated here the living conditions were so cramped. A great hidden gem is to go to Sweeney’s apothecary, this is a really cool store with all kinds of memorabilia from the turn of the 19th century and you can join him reading James Joyce.
  11. And there’s a lot of literary history in Dublin as well.
  12. Oscar Wilde actually has his house right they’re not far from Sweeny’s. You can stand by his statue and actually see him looking at his childhood home.
  13. One of the first places to check out when you’re in Dublin is the Little Museum of Dublin. This is great ’cause it is a crowd-sourced collection of a lot of the history that Dubliners went through from the 1800’s all the way up into the present.
  14. My favorite is the U2 exhibit on the top floor you’ve gotta go in there.
  15. When you’re in Dublin make sure you go to the pub and listen to some traditional Irish music or check out a comedy show, there are some really good ones right in the Temple Bar area.

So those are some of our favorite things as well as some hidden gems that you can use the next time you go and explore Dublin.


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