Dance Classes in Dublin, Ireland at Olympus Academy

Dance Classes

I teach ballet in Olympus Dance & Music Academy. In Ireland, I have been working for 11 years, teaching ballet for adults and children.

I started dancing ballet when I was 5 years old. I was engaged for 3 times a week by two hours, then more and more. I recommend everyone to practice ballet, because ballet is the source of all dances.

If you know this art then you can dance beautifully, “Waltz” you can dance beautifully “Contemporary” and In general, any dance that exists in the world. Ballet is, above all, spirituality. We all know that the most famous composers used to write music for the Church and if a child or an adult practices ballet, then he enriches himself spiritually. Ballet promotes personal development. The person who practices ballet listens to classical music and enriches his inner world. The same happens to a child.

If a child comes to our classes and practices ballet, he becomes completely different, even his facial expression changes, he even smiles differently after ballet classes.

After two or three months of ballet classes, the child changes completely the child starts orientating in spaces: he knows where right is and where left is! He begins to feel more confident his actions and interactions gain confidence.

Moreover, we organize performances for the children to participate in. Children are enjoying performing on stage. We show parents what we have taught them. When I watch, children practicing ballet, I immediately remember myself. I loved my ballet classes as much as I loved my teacher. I try to give children everything that my teacher and choreographer gave to me. I think it is so important to make a person love his subject, and I try to support my little students in everything that is possible.

When a child comes to our school to practice ballet his body structure changes completely his posture corrects, his back straightens up his legs straighten up also and toes can be easily turned in.

We do all of that in our classes. We work his back making it flexible. We develop his legs making them flexible too.

I had a case once: A woman came with a girl who was only 5. Her legs were slightly bowed and she, after 3 months of exercise, came up to me and said: “You know, my daughter’s legs have straightened up” We had previously tried different types of physiotherapy trying to straighten the legs and nothing seemed to help for many years. After 3 months of intensive ballet classes the miracle has happened. We did ground plastics, movements on the floor, developing leg muscles as well as the muscles. After these exercises, the girl’s legs have finally straightened. We do everything for child development. We want our children to be confident; we want to make them feel as relaxed on stage as they are in the classroom. We want them to love their subject.

Come to Olympus Dance and Music Academy and we will definitely teach you the Art of Russian ballet. You will feel confident you will dance beautifully, and you will develop spiritually.


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