Delfin School of English – Dublin, Ireland


Here at Delfin, the shortest course is one week. Some students may study part-time during the week, but most of the study 15, 20 or even 30 hours. There are many students who do an intensive.

Study 30 hrs/week, maybe on your vacation, and focused on the improvement of English and they work hard tuning small details that they want to improve. All students studying here return home having had a good experience. Not only related to learning English, but also life experiences. They make friends, like the city and I think the Delfin gives them the opportunity to explore other things beyond language.

Delfin The name comes from ‘Dolphin’ and if you think about the characteristics of a dolphin, they are fun, sociable, and intelligent. We try to replicate all these qualities here at school. The classes are fun. Our teachers are dynamic and dedicated. But they are not only fun. They work hard to raise the academic level of the students.

Our teachers are experienced, highly qualified, and we do regular training, both inside and outside the school, to ensure that our teachers are at a high level.

I know it’s hard to believe, but when I got here, I did not speak any English.

Not even speak a whole sentence. I’m here 11 months ago, and now, I am at the advanced level. The teachers are very helpful and dynamic. At first, my dream was to go to London,UK. But in the end, I decided to come to Dublin as the price was much more affordable. I was in Dublin 3 years ago, on vacation with my family and I fell in love with the city. At that point, I decided I wanted to come again. For a small town, there is quite a lot to do here. A lot of people to know. Many experiences are to be lived. Regularly here we have students from 30 different countries. The reputation of Ireland is to be a very friendly country and I think our students agree well with it.

The Irish people are so sweet and friendly.

If you have any problems, they will seek help. I feel at home here. We offer a wide variety of courses with various durations. Some students come to study for 1 to 4 weeks and some to study 25 weeks, which is the academic year. Our academic level is very high. Prepare students for proficiency exams, such as Cambridge and IELTS. We course of business English, and the conversation turned to business, which is very interesting for the students to practice skills such as: negotiate and make contacts. All is important in an era of globalization like ours. I can say with certainty that the Delfin was the best choice, I could have made. It’s a good place to learn. It is always evolving and Dublin is also a great city to learn English. Access to the rest of Europe and the UK is easy. It’s a great base to learn English, and also to explore other places.

The big advantage is not only learning the language, not only my knowledge but also the fact of having known several people at school Japanese people, Korea, Spain, Brazil.

I think it’s the best thing a school like Delfin. Now I can say that I am done with the choice I made.


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