Dublin Botanical Garden – People’s Park in the city

Dublin Botanical Garden

The 22-meter-high, wrought iron Palm House was built in 1884 and restored in 2004. The Botanical Garden of Dublin located in the district Glasnevin and comprises about 20 hectares. To the greenhouses around beds dominate annuals and perennials. Further back in the garden it comes to scientific plant collections and various natural areas of life. Gardener Brendan Sayers is currently traveling between wildflower meadows. Part of the area comes from the west of Ireland and had to make way for the road construction. Since this community is so valuable, you have removed the grass and reinserted here in Dublin.

That’s part of the area that we call wild Ireland. Here we focus on native plants. Before me, we have calcareous grassland with wildflowers and some native orchids in Ireland, my specialty. I am particularly interested the colors from one of the 30 native orchids in Ireland namely Gymnadenia conopsea, the mosquito Händelwurz. On calcareous grasslands, there is an enormous variety of plants. There are no species that dominates the other. Especially valuable it is when orchids occur. Which is an important indication of a functioning underground ecosystem, because orchids need certain mycorrhizal fungi to grow?

These mushrooms go with the orchid over the roots of a symbiosis, a community for mutual benefit. One cannot survive without the other. The Brendan Sayers must comply also with the culture of his orchids. Currently, we prefer these orchids for the garden. Sometimes we also grow plants for reclamation projects, when plant populations are at risk. The Orchid junior reserves Brendan Sayers closely. Again and again move plants from the neighborhood by the pots. It is exciting to see that rise seedlings in pots. Behind me are egg Plants from New Zealand. I need to remove from the pots of other plants. At the same time, I have to watch whether orchid seedlings emerge. Here we can look at, what’s happening under the ground.

We have for example many cacti here. I’ve never an orchid seedling found in the cactus pots. However, I cultivate many spring primroses and whether or native species from the Himalayas: In the pots and orchids sprout. So the mycorrhizal fungus that feels comfortable with orchids, feels at the primroses well, in each of these capsules sitting up to 3000 seeds. The wind spread. So orchids can germinate and grow when the fungus partner suits. Now it goes again to the jewelry beds in the Botanical Gardens Dublin. The Botanical Garden in Dublin is open every day except Christmas, with free admission.


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