Dublin Guinness Storehouse Brewery Tour

Guinness Storehouse

What you didn’t know about was the Guinness Storehouse Tour.

And I was walking around Dublin and we kept seeing signs for Guinness and then for the Guinness Storehouse, so we decided we’re worth it why not. On you go then! I love Eric! He’s so great! He’s the best! I’m so sorry you guys, must have been the heavy scent of hops, steam and hot metal.

Oh look I’m taller than that guy. You know this place was great every inch was planned out. They had this old machinery from the early days of the brewery and then they incorporated it with new fake things on video screens and that was cool too. There are arrows telling you where to look. There’s the brew house and there’s an interactive game where you could test your knowledge about alcohol. I thought I’d be pretty good at this. But, uh, I don’t know much about alcohol so I had to choose which one contains the most alcohol, is this trick question? It’s spirited.

No wait, they all contain the same. Except that. That is definitely a trashcan and these are boats. I took a lot of videos of boats. I don’t know why. I’m sorry. This is a little storehouse exhibition and they had this really cool thing and escalators guys. There’s so many elevators, so many escalators, I was in heaven.

And speaking of heaven, we finally made it to the coolest part of the entire brewery an infinity tunnel with a brewery tasting room at the end. Holy cow was in heaven. Free beer and a space station like experience, we went through this twice and why not, you got some dry ice, fog, and cold beer. Then you got to meet the legends of Guinness. Including Gosse who invented the t-test, Interesting. Like this railing that leads to the interesting world of Guinness advertising, a lot of animals here. Uh, kind of makes you think that they’re advertising to kids, so that or knights. I mean not all kids like turtles. No, definitely advertising to kids. Well. Okay. I’ll let it go.

I mean that’s a fish on a bicycle! C’mon! It’s cool! Man, you spend a lot of time in this brewery, you start to get lost. Just follow the arrows. I learned that. Where am I going? Nope, there they are the  arrows. They’re everywhere and they tell you where to go. You’ll never get lost. Well looks like the arrows are pointing me to the end of the tour.

They try to convince you it’s an artisan brewery, but we all know that they own: So it’s no surprise that it’s a great experience.


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