Dublin’s Culture Connects – The National Neighborhood

Dublin’s Culture

It’s about things that we do every day, it’s about the sport, it’s about the song, it’s about writing, and it’s about poetry.

It’s about the people in the street that you meet and you say hello to, that’s your culture. We’ve been making some new culture; some of these events are happening in the national institutions, some of them are happening in people’s living rooms. It’s like a large cultural octopus getting absolutely everywhere. Something special happened over the last number of months. In little pockets, in our areas, we need to start all together and start fighting for each other you know. In celebrating your home and your neighborhood and doing it, you know, with a song or a story, or a painting you’ve worked on together. That’s a very special thing to do.

For the first time, I actually feel like my work has been really directly connected to where I’ve spent most of my life. It’s been lovely having my eyes opened about this kind of worlds that exist kind of separately, that you don’t necessarily happen across. People in this community are definitely very connected to their culture, where they’re from, and to me, it feels kind of like a small country village. Irish people have this fantastic culture, verve and get up and go. The neighbors all coming out and clapping for us, everybody that we passed got involved so everybody got a kind of a zest. And then all the bands along the way and the Irish dancers, and it were almost like everybody was, you know, being part of it.

I’ve connected with so many people, I remember them, they remember me and that’s brilliant. I like the dancing part that we did because it makes me feel alive! They just hit it off, so I think that said to me that it had worked. And the people that are often missing in the archives, they’re the people that fall through the cracks and this project was a great chance to look at those people who make Dublin what Dublin is. It’s been such an experience. I think I’d like to be an actress now because it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m on a high at the moment.

So I feel now that this is all my city, I think if you connect with something whether you are born here, whether you’re from a different country, a different continent, a different age group; if you connect with something and it touches you and it makes you feel stronger it’s yours.


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