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Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan College in Dublin is a really fine place to study. You have everything that you need in one school, so it’s very fun and I like it so much. Students get a great experience here, so they have a lot of fun but at the same time they will learn a lot also. Our school is located in Temple Bar; it’s a Georgian 5 story building from the 18th century. All of our classrooms have large windows which open on to the River Liffey. We have ample relaxation rooms and also study rooms. We’ve got nice studying rooms, where we can use computers for studying and down stairs we can look at our Facebook and check our email. I like the teachers here in Kaplan because the class is very funny and interactive. I like them so much because I’m learning a lot here. I like to go to lunch around the corner after school, it’s the Bakery, and it’s a very nice place to have some sandwich and some dessert, it’s very nice and it’s very cheap.

Dublin itself is one of the safest and friendliest cities in the world. It’s a very good city, the people are very friendly. I like Grafton street because they have a lot of performance on the street, people who sing or play music or acting and its very close from the school so it’s very nice. One thing I like doing my studies is going cycling. The city provides free bicycles free for the first half an hour. Me I like to go to St Stephens Green Park, it’s very pleasant to just sit on the grass and prepare for the next busy day.

There is a district called Temple Bar, lots of pubs are situated there and lots of small cafes. It’s a place with a good energy and good atmosphere, lots of people and that’s why I like it so much. It’s one of the favorite places to come and visit here in Dublin. My accommodation is in a host family and I like so much because they are very friendly and they are always helping me. I like my host mom because she is like my second mom, she is always talking with me and making the food that I like. I can sit down and relax and I feel like home. I stay here in the residence, it’s quite nice especially the food there, it’s quite delicious and everything is very convenient. I recommend other students to come to Dublin because it’s a beautiful city.

You can learn English and have a lot of friends from every country. I think it’s a great city to live and to learn in.


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