Guided Tour – The Small Dublin Brewery

Dublin Brewery

I can walk you through the brewing process. This is the brewery here and this is the start where we start the process. This is our hot liquor tank, our mash ton, and our kettle. So this is the brew house area of the brewery. We start here early in the morning at 8 am and mix the malted barley with hot water to get a strike temperature of 67 or 68 degrees centigrade and allow it sit as it’s sitting right now for about an hour. Once that’s done and the conversion is complete, we move the liquid into the kettle and then we get the kettle to a rolling boil. Once it starts to come to that rolling boil, we add the first tranche of hops. You add hops to beers for a number of different reasons.

They act as a preservative, we use them for bitterness to get a baseline bitterness into the beer, but you would also use them for aroma. Once that’s done then, we draw the beer out of the kettle through our chiller and run it into the fermenters. So we’re cooling the liquid from 100 degrees back down to something under 20 degrees. So these essentially are our three fermenters. We can do three beers at any one point, three of the same beers or three different beers. We normally do our fermentation between 16 and 18 degrees centigrade, so it’s a cool enough fermentation and it takes about six or seven days. But I think you get a better beer with a longer slower fermentation than a hot fast one. This machine here both kegs beer and it bottled beer. When we do kegged beer it’s very simple, we can fill a keg in about 12 to 15 minutes. But with bottling it’s a very different operation. We only do two different bottles at a time Small Dublin Brewery. They’re 330 ml bottles, there are about 10 movements to get beer into the bottle in the right shape and then the bottle has to be left overnight to temperate, then we label the bottles one at a time and date stamp them one at a time and make the bottles to put the bottles in.

So at this level, it’s very labor intensive and it’s why it’s very difficult to make money as a small brewery. Beer is a volume business. If you’re doing the volume, you will do the business, but at small levels, it’s very difficult.


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