How to Find a Flat in Dublin – Single or Shared Apartments

Dublin Flat

My very first tip for you is to find an apartment in the right places unlike other parts of the US that use craigslist in Dublin a lot of the post on Craigslist actually be quite spammed.

Instead, I have three different recommendations for you to find an apartment.

1. First one being Daft. That would probably be the number one resource you’re going to use to find to find either a shared flat or a flat of your own. Other messaging boards I recommend would be Rent. I also recommend any internal Facebook groups if you’re looking for a roommate actually asking your employer, if you’re lucky enough to have one if there are any internal messaging boards that they can refer you to help you find a roomies. As far as expenses expect to pay between 600 and 900 Euros a month if you’re sharing your flat. Whereas a single room flat, such as mine would be anywhere from 900 to 1,200 Euros a month depending on location, size, etc.

2. My second tip for finding an apartment in Dublin is to make sure that you come prepared to the open house. So the way the housing process works here in Dublin is that after you find a potential apartment, you message the landlord and you secure time to go look at it in person. Because the housing market in Dublin is quite competitive right now due to very high demand and low supply. There will likely be a line of others people very similar to you looking for an apartment as well. So make sure to stand out from among the crowd. Perhaps print out any information that will make you stand out: you could bring a copy of your latest pay stubs if you have a job already, if you have any landlord reference letters or reference letters from the previous roommate, all of those things are great to bring with you to help make you stand out.

3. Third tip for you when looking for an apartment in Dublin is to ask the right questions. So I mentioned earlier, prices for a flat can range between 600-900 for a single room. However, that is excluding any type of utilities. Currently, we do not have to pay for water, however, that is about to change as a new law was passed. But right now for utilities I pay about 50 Euros or as a month for internet expenses, I pay 20 Euros a month for cell phone. I have very cheap prepaid service with unlimited data and as far as heating that can actually range anywhere from 30 Euros to about 100Euros a month and that is depending on the BER rating that is a B-E-R rating and this is the number one question that you should during the open house: you should ask them what the BER rating is. The BER rating is really a heating where they grade how well your apartment keeps heat. So in my apartment right now it’s a C and as I’ve met as I mentioned it ranges anywhere from 30 to100 Euros a month depending on what time of the year it is. I’ve heard horror stories from colleagues who’ve had ratings below that, so I really recommend not going below a BER rating of C.

So those are my three tips for finding a flat or shared apartment in Dublin.


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