How Much Does It Cost to Live in Dublin?

Live in Dublin

I don’t think that Dublin it is expensive for living. Because if I make numbers, only in rent, food and bills I spent an average of 300 Euros. I spend per month about 1,000 Euro. Before coming here, I was thinking back in Brazil: “Can people live with just 500 Euros?” Which was an amount of money that for me was ok ? I arrived here and I realized that, if you save, you can live with 400 Euros. The accommodation itself I know sometimes it’s hard because you come here and you have 1 or 2 weeks to find an accommodation. But if you look, if you call, if you insist you would find a room with good cost benefit. I’m sharing an apartment here in Dublin city centre with 5 more people, which makes our rent drop enough. 187 Euros per month I live in a single room in Dublin. I pay about 300 euro per month. For my flat is 650 Euros. Obviously, it includes electricity, TV, and Wifi. I pay 11 Euros per month for Internet and every 2 months I pay an average of 40 Euros for the electricity bill.

I think it´s possible to live with less money but I want to keep my privacy, I want to be alone in my room, so it´s my choice. Cooking at home by myself, I spend about 4 Euros for a meal. When I go out to eat something in a restaurant I have to pay more than 10 euro per meal. The best way to reduce the living cost in Ireland is so having a meal at home as often as possible. I do share the purchase with my flat mates. I spend an average 6 to 10 Euros per week. So we can save a lot of food. Here you can buy things from basic need, for example, milk, 75 cents a liter of milk. We buy 800 grams sliced bread for 69 cents. A pound of pasta 94 cents.

We buy rice, beans, sausage to cook with the beans, buy seasoning, a 3 Euros tray of eggs which has 30 eggs. We buy ground beef that’s an average of 3 Euros. A can of sardines. Can of corn, peas, and pickles. These little things that make a difference in our daily menu, but which are not really expensive for us. I don´t live that close to City Centre in order to keep my monthly budget of 400 Euros. I opted to buy a bike. Saves me 100 Euros, because if you want now to buy a student card you have to pay 100 Euros. I pay 10 Euros per month for my mobile plan and I have free Internet for myself and free calls with my friends who are using the same mobile company. The fitness club here is about 60 Euros per month. We can visit museums, you can go to the park, and you have many options.

You can take a tour, go out one day and ride a bike. So, is a city that you have many leisure options at no cost or not high costs, you know? I think it is not just hangouts, but also meeting other people, talking with them, but it always depends. Maybe a pint of beer is around 5 Euros, but if I drink in my house the pint of beer is around 2 Euros. I think this questions about how to control your costs helps a lot. If I spent more in one week, I try to spend less the next week. No, I don´t have difficulties. I eat well, I live well, I even go out quite a lot. Of course, with 400 Euros you can´t go to pubs every weekend, spend a lot of money, go out to know restaurants very often, doing various pay tours. That won’t fit with a 400 Euros budget. But if your goal is to learn English, experience a new culture, have new experiences and meet new people is totally possible.


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