One Night in Dublin – Temple Bar Dublin, Ireland

Temple Bar

We’re walking through Temple Bar right now. This is a very touristy area. If you have never visited Ireland before you’re probably going to be staying here or visiting some of the spots here. You know it’s kind of obligatory to go. I have no plan for tonight. I usually plan stuff out I’m just going with the flow and filming whatever occurs. We just got a bite to eat and we are going to be meeting some other travel bloggers. At a place called McQuaids. I was walking down the street and I heard this bagpipe music playing and I know we’re near Temple Bar. But I’ve got to investigate what this is.

You guys ready for one final night of fun? I think so sad but yes. Let’s go Established in 1779, quite old. Guiness in Ireland tastes so much better than in New York. I never ever order it in the city. In Ireland I’ve had so many of these. It’s excellent. We have a humongous group of bloggers right now and there are actually a few people here from Dublin. One lady named Yvonne is going to be taking us to a bar with a lot of history. Right down the street we’re in Kehoe’s pub and years ago Old man Kehoe as we called him lived on the first floor and when he passed away, they took all the furniture out and they just opened it up as a bar. Some of the old carpet is still there. So let’s go up and see what it’s like now. I would love to see this. I’m excited. This is literally like chilling in somebody’s living room. She said the guy actually lived here. This is his piano. Where are we going, I don’t know. We are walking to a livelier bar because the last two were really classical and old but there was no music. Did you guys like them? They were nice but mostly the company. Good company, it was good company. But we need music. We need some live music. We are walking past Trinity College. On the right Temple bar is that way Right.

I think so and of course it would not be our last night in Ireland. If it wasn’t raining just a little bit I don’t think we’ve had a single day on this trip where we didn’t have rain at some point during the day. But today was actually the sunniest and I didn’t film anything during the day. We’ve arrived back at Temple Bar Where we started. Which is like the times square of Ireland. No locals ever wants to go here but it’s extremely busy on a Tuesday night. This is actually very lively I know it’s very touristy here but it’s actually not bad. I’ve been to this bar many years ago and it was so much more crowded. But this fiddler is really good Whiskey ginger. Yeah! 11 Euro. Welcome to Temple Bar? We are on the way to the last bar which we think is still open and this was actually a suggestion from that Yvonne girl and she knew her stuff. So hopefully the best for last.

See I wasn’t lying there’s one bar open. We’re just walking right into the party. Another great fact you’ve got a little Guinness mustache Man that’s good. That’s how it goes. Another great fact. That Irish man told me is that you need to suck through the head. You need to suck through that In order to get the finest. The crema preserves the beer. Boom that’s what she said. But they insist on getting food. So we’re going to get food 1 more stop. I’m not an expert but I would say there’s a good chance. But it’s definitely known as a very good place for burgers. You are 15 hours from Hawaii. Could you possibly get a good Hawaiian burger here? I don’t know? Is that a loco moco? Alright, members of the Barrio, I would like to tell you that I hated temple bar that it is overpriced and that it is a tourist trap. All of those things are actually true but tonight, I had such a good time.


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