Why Study Law at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College

I’m studying law and I’m in the first year and it just involves a whole different variety of laws – different aspects.

It seemed quite interesting, and I love debating.

So it all seemed to link, and I really like history as well, and it’s a nice tie-in, especially with constitutional law. Right now we’re studying contracts, and legislation regulation, and, even though the titles sound boring, they’re surprisingly interesting.

Because you find that there are lots of gray areas in law; like not everything’s black and white.

I’m studying law. I’m in the second year at the moment and, ah, it’s a good size for a course, it’s about 150 people.

And it’s a big enough groups that you feel like can find your own group of friends that you like; and then it’s not too big, that you know, you feel like you’re your own.

You’re going in with so many people you don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s good; it’s good like that. My favorite part of the course is probably the essay work ’cause you really get you know, get to grips rather than just studying something generally you get to really go into detail, It’s nice to go to that level of detail. It’s not too heavy of course, there’s a lot of reading but, there are only like 9 hours of lectures a week kinda so, it’s easy going office; very manageable. I really like Trinity because of the atmosphere and all of the opportunities it gives you because we host, you know, the Oscar Wilde festival, the Fringe festival, you know, the International Film Festival and you can really get involved and volunteer for everything in the societies and, you know, you’ve got your sci-fi room your du players, and swimming, and it’s just all there – you know?


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