The English Studio – Dublin, Ireland

English Studio

I would say this is the best experience of my life. It is indeed an exchange because here I can learn about other cultures. And that’s wonderful. You need to go to another country. Test yourself. You learn something new every day. It is extraordinary how in the same building there are people around the world. Korean, South American, European. Teaching here in English Studio in Dublin, it is a unique experience. You know a lot of students from around the world. You can interact with them and learn a little about their country, their culture. When the student arrives at school, first we have a week of introduction. It allows students to organize and we like to closely guide the students through the entire process. We have a unique partition on the school to help students.

They are solicitous, friendly, and most importantly, they know all the answers. So, if you have a question, we time a special place that works all the time to help you. We give that little bit more in terms of support for the student. My teacher is quite optimistic. She tries to teach an easy way to us. Everything is perfect for me. I am very pleased with the teachers. They are the best. We have a school in Dublin and now also in the UK which is probably in the top 5 in terms of size and scale school in London. We can offer the choice of studying in both places. You can make a part of the course in London and the other in Dublin. If you compare the price of some schools here, the value is much higher in London. But just in English Studio, there is the opportunity for the student to continue with the same price.

This is very important. Because we are great, we can offer a cheaper price than the others. Everyone wins for studying in a busy school with a lots of interaction, and students of various nationalities. The location of the school is excellent as it is right in the center. You walk for two minutes from the city center and is already in school. We have the Moon, which is the Dublin train system. And the main point of it is right in front of the school. We believe the English Studio is the favorite place for students to prepare for the IELTS.

What is IELTS? It is a proficiency exam for students who are interested in continuing their studies. It would be used, for example, to present a college that wants to join. But the name also has international fame. So, for those looking for a job in a foreign country, this proficiency exam will be recognized and valued. I’m doing the course for IELTS in order to enter university next year and do a postgraduate degree in international law. And then I’ll be able to work not only in Uruguay but, the rest of the world, perhaps in an international company.

They perform so many projects, so many excursions with students. They actually insert the student on the day-to-day Dublin and realize that their experience here is not only to learn a language but to learn all about Dublin and its region. Here is something like a house on every corner. I find it very cool. When you are in a country with a history, you are not limited only to learn English. Dublin always needs lots of people to all the services it offers as there are only 5 million people in Ireland. But there are 27 million people visiting the country every year. There are many people to serve in restaurants, pubs, bars. Two weeks after I arrived, I got a job. I work here as a chef in a restaurant. In the kitchen, there is Spanish, two Irish, and I, Mexico. We can share our revenues, our ideas. I decided to come here to improve my English. But when I arrived, I thought, this is the best life. I’m very happy. I have a job. My English is improving very fast. Every day you meet someone different. Especially the Irish, they are always helping you with everything you need. The people are very nice. The streets are safe and clean. I think it’s one of the things in life that we should do.


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