Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Dublin, Ireland – Essential Irish Travel Guide

Beautiful Places

Most likely you’re going to start off in Dublin. Dublin is an amazing city; it’s beautiful; it’s got tons of nightlife, and you pretty much have a lot of the best things from Ireland in one spot.

  1. While you’re at it, head over to Trinity College, beautiful campus, but also the home of the Book of Kells, this priceless manuscript made by Irish monks over a thousand years ago that basically protected a wealth of knowledge through the Dark Ages and saved it for us to gawk at nowadays.
  2. Next up the Wild Atlantic Way. This coastal road goes from the tip of Ireland in the north all the way down to the bottom, and it is an amazing way to get a real taste Ireland.
  3. From Dublin, a good place to start is Sligo that gives you the option going north towards Northern Ireland or south towards Galway, but just go out there and get lost. The west coast of Ireland is extremely remote. There’re tons of isolated capes and cool little quirky villages that you can go check out. Specific destinations along the Wild Atlantic Way, we really love the town of Strandhill. It’s got this chilled out surf vibe, big old beach. You can take surf lessons there.
  4. After having a surf, head over to Voya Seaweed Baths and try the traditional Irish remedy of a steaming hot seaweed bath in salt water. It will rejuvenate the soul, and it will make you silky smooth.
  5. Another place you have to visit on the Wild Atlantic Way is Slieve League. This is just north of Sligo; they’re the highest cliffs in Ireland and the highest sea cliffs in Europe. They dwarf the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher ain’t got nothing, nothing on Slieve League. It’s really cool. Slieve League is infinitely less crowded than the Cliffs of Moher, and this place is Instagram gold. Grab your camera, grab your travel buddy, and head to Slieve League before it gets totally blown up. Just don’t get too close to those cliffs. It’s a long way down.
  6. Next up the city of Galway. Galway is a university town on the west coast of Ireland. It’s super funky. I think it wins the funky award for Ireland. It’s got street art, tons of musicians. I believe it’s one of the most musical cities in Ireland, in the world. I think it’s got the busking capital of the world. That being said, it’s home to artists, musicians, killer restaurants, and it’s a great place to base yourself on exploring the surrounding area. Galway is one of the best places to experience traditional Irish language known as Gaelic. Just north of the city is a cultural center named Connects Swain in a renovated old village. You can also just experience live music at bars like the Crane in downtown Galway. Galway is also known for its oysters. To sample these little beauties, head to Morans on the Weir. It’s an oyster cottage in an old traditional building. It’s been around for hundreds of years, and you can get a serious seafood platter there. Also, restaurants like Kai and Aniar Galway City serve up some delicious meals, so don’t miss out.
  7. Next up: the Aran Islands, not to be confused with the Iron Islands, which were also filmed in Ireland for Game of Thrones. The Aran Islands are next to Galway. Most people from Galway would go to Cliffs of Moher, but we would suggest going to Aran Aran Islands. It’s a short plane ride away or a ferry right from Galway, and it’s a really cool Island that preserves the ancient style of Irish life. If you’re into adrenaline activities, head to the Aran Islands because Red Bull used to host the cliff-diving World Championships there at a place called the Worm, this perfect natural swimming pool with a very large cliff jump.
  8. After that head down the Wild Atlantic Way to County Cork. County Cork is the birthplace of the local food movement in Ireland. It is the breadbasket of the country and home to tons of amazing local producers. You can sample local Irish cheese at places like Gubbeen, or you can go kayaking along the amazing coastlines. There all these crazy rocks and then harvest seaweed to bring back and cook with. The southwest of Ireland actually catches the tail end of the jet stream, so it’s quite temperate and beautiful little coastal towns like Kinsale make a great place to stop before heading into Cork City, which is full of history from Ireland’s battle with the English for independence.
  9. Next up: Belfast. As you might know, Ireland has been independent of the UK for about a hundred years, but it still remains divided into two separate countries about 80% is in the south, known as the Republic of Ireland, and 20% of the land it belongs to the UK as Northern Ireland Capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast and until a couple decades ago, it was completely ravaged by guerrilla warfare, car bombs, and all sorts of partisan violence. Thankfully, Northern Ireland is now experiencing peace, and one of the best ways to learn about the history and also see how the city is healing its wounds is by going on a street art tour, which shows how murals that were once political have now become an artistic way of bringing closure to this troubling period.
  10. Another must visit spot in Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway. It’s about an hour and a half outside of Belfast. It’s a natural rock formation, and according to myth, it was created by two giants who were fighting.


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