Trinity College Library & the Book of Kells

Trinity College Library

Over a thousand years old, Ireland’s capital Dublin is situated on the east coast and about halfway down the island. It’s a colorful city, full of history, interesting sights, and Irish characters.

The best way to get around is by foot, and there’s no end of shops, restaurants, and lively pubs to explore. A good deal of historical landmarks and attractions are dotted on both side of the Liffey, and include cathedrals, old gaols, historic parklands, and stately mansions. Dublin has had its share of famous figures and writers, poets and musicians famous the world over who’ve come from this great city. Visitors interested in soaking up some famous Irish pub culture invariably head to the Temple Bar, a central group of cobbled streets that are a focus of the nightlife, and a great place to visit in the daytime to Dublin is a city full of life.

It is rich in culture, character, and a place where anyone from around the world will feel welcome. One of the top tourist attractions here in Dublin is Trinity College, and specifically Trinity Library and their exhibit, The Book of Kells. And it all starts on the Trinity College campus. Visiting this ancient university founded in 1592 is one of the most popular things to do in Dublin. You can book an easy 13 euro tour, delivered by knowledgeable Trinity college students. This way you will learn great details about the Universities buildings, history, and monuments. You will see and learn about the famous Sphere within Sphere, a bronze sculpture by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Then finally, you will be taken in to learn about and see the great Book of Kells- an ancient illuminated manuscript believed to have been created in the year 800. But I’m not sure you’re really supposed to film in here. Beyond that, I very much loved the Trinity library itself, with its old, dark, duty appeal. In fact, it was the exact ancient European library I’ve wanted to build my home. And while the books here are off limits, it was still a lovely place to learn. As a final bonus, we ended up in the Museum Building after meeting a knowledgeable man who offered to show us around. While it’s not part of the main tour you can definitely just pop into this place as you will want to see this. It’s an owl, oh my gosh. It does look like an owl. It is an owl! The whole thing, yeah, look at that. They have these all over, so you can stick your arm through the wall. What’s in there? Creepy nothing. It’s just hollow wall. Neat! Trinity College was definitely fascinating.


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