Wondering School in Dublin – What’s The Point of School?

Wondering School

We are on the streets of Dublin and we are looking for people to talk about education we’re doing some basic questions as “What is the school’s goal?” The school’s goal is to have an education. What do you think is the school’s goal? The school’s goal is to educate children and give them a better life the school’s goal? When you get older you can try to get a decent job to fill your table what do you think? What is the school’s goal? I think its awesome well, as a mother.

Children definitely need a school otherwise, what would we do with them? Someone needs to be responsible for them then you have a gap you to go fishing or golfing. Parents, I say while the kids are at school you can go swimming.

If you have a girlfriend, you can go find it go to the movies, have a drink you can make a hype with his girlfriend while the kids are at school. I think that the school’s goal is to learn and it should not be all based on the academic side. I think, in my experience, when I was growing up, it was more based on the academic side but obviously.

It more about the kids use their own minds and develop their own skills It is a very good place to go and meet more people, more things and sometimes the teacher shows you very interesting things to enable children to do what they are able to make the best of their abilities at any level at which they work to teach people to be together to live together, to be together, to socialize and surely.

To learn new things and be able to deal with people who think differently than they are in school, and teachers are taking care of them and you can have a good life, have fun while the kids are away from home in my personal opinion, Education is the basis of life then we all need to be educated. When we are children we need to start to be educated and when we grow us never stop learning as we say in my country.

We live in the University of Life. Education gives us much but it’s true, it keeps everyone on the same level if you are very smart.

If you are creative for example, sometimes the kids are bored in school they begin to do something, they start to draw.

“This is wrong! Do not draw!” Why not? Develop it, this may be your talent go ahead! but at school they keep you in the same formats but not every format is good for all people then, that is wrong with education the school’s goal is to keep the audience stuck in the system, basically to keep it conformed to the rules and regulations I’ve never been in prison, but I know people who have been in prison and they said it’s a lot like school the only thing they are doing is.

You are arranging a job to pay to Europe to help Europe grow to help the government to have money in pocket and no money in your pocket yes, I think the school is very important you need an education, course to read, write and get a job.

And you think the school has reached this goal? Yes, I think so to make them aware of what is happening in the world and give them the knowledge to achieve what they want and you think most schools reach this goal? Not in the moment, no, I am completely in favor of the school, I think she’s great for parents not very good for children, but good for parents you are told what to do, and you are told what time to eat.

No punishment if you do not follow the confinement of the rules and regulations. So, I think it’s a control mechanism, more than anything. School is ruining people because you are putting people on the same line, basically everyone must be equal if you want to be something else, you are always put in “their place” It is always “not have to be like” so, if you want to develop something more in their children if you want them to be smarter not send to school we started asking some questions and in the end we are half an hour talking to people about education then it is very inspiring. We’re bringing reflections to the streets and beginning to create a different education now in the way we relate to people through dialogue and this is very exciting Is that you? What do you think is the school’s goal? Well, the classrooms are stinking thirty children, thirty people.

The windows are always closed, gets hot and uncomfortable. The teacher is boring, anyway he is teaching something, you do not want to learn, he is not teaching Rock & Roll, he is not teaching movies or music, he is teaching history or geography, children are not interested. They want to know about fun and games internet, Facebook.


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